Spring Summer coolness

Spring Summer coolness article in German below Staying cool in spring or summer and still look dapper is a hard thing to manage. Here some ideas to keep it fresh: Lining matters Invest in a summer suit and look for one that’s either half-lined or unlined in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen […]

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Eduard Dressler Suits

The finest menswear since 1929 was created not only for the day to day business look but also as made to measure suits for individual needs. Eduard Dressler is one of the German suit visionaires, who produced until 2001 a 100% of the parts in the own country. Eduard Dressler: Lightness of elegance SS2018 The […]

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Serapian Luxury Bags

The young Armenian boy Stefano Serapian started in Milano just after his arrival, to learn everything about leather and how to produce high quality products. His very first leather goods were the reason why he met his wife and opened his first shop. Stars like Ingrid Bergmann, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn or […]

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Pitti Uomo Florence

The only question I can ask myself at the Pitti tradefair in Italy is: how the hell do you walk through the sun, at 35 degrees, in a shirt and complete suit and do not sweat? It trully fascinates me how fresh and happy all the visitors of the every year’s pitti can handle it. […]

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FELIX W. suits

The first time I came into the store of FELIX W. at famous Odeonsplatz Munich a huge quote caught my attention. It said: ‘Style and identity are a powerful combination’. While walking through the store the quote never left my mind – realising the suits are from such a outstanding quality I just felt the urge to touch every single one of them.  The […]

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