Interview: Intelligent urban clothing

The story behind the scene ? Truth is I am meeting the CEO of the Company that won the ISPO BRANDNEW 2015/16 in a few minutes and I am actually interviewing someone else.

Hassan mixed up the dates so here I am in the middle of a question when he pops up and orders a beer while settling down on his chair, totally cool with the situation .

o1o6 is the brand that designes jackets for the urban cyclist. Onoo is the company which was founded 2 years ago by 5 guys having only one vision: functionality and business in one.

The urban man nowadays needs more than just a jacket to ride his bike. He needs style, confidence, comfort and quality.

How to do it?

Have the right idea, produce it in Italy and let it be designed in Munich. Intelligent Urban Clothing by O1O6 is actually the modern version of Company representing the urban dandy driving a bike on the street and killin it in a pitch right afterwards .

Not only this jacket is isolating from cold, rain, dirt (yes ! just let the dirt dry and then beat it out) and looks like a suit jacket, but it is also in available 30 cities in Germany .

The secret? Well the 3 jackets are not the only designs available…The next collection is in preparation: New colors and optimized features will blow your mind.

Check it out online . Get 5% less with Code 20160703 in the online shop NOW.


One thought on “Interview: Intelligent urban clothing

  1. Hallo Denisa,

    ich war noch einmal zu Besuch hier. Das ist alles sehr gelungen, geschmackvoll und stylish – Glückwunsch.

    Michael Küpper


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