Jackets and cleaning

Jackets are mostly made of sensitive material and a professional cleaning is not always needed.

As you might know, washing clothes too many times destroys the texture on long term. Therefore here some life hacks:

1. If you are ready to drive to work in your car take off your jacket and put in on the back bench. You cannot iron folds at work even if you would like to right?

2. Your jacket should have some interesting details like the one in the picture. Maybe a colour difference or pattern design that drives the eye to admire the details. Maybe a button or a seam of a different colour.

3. If you smoke or if you’re in a pub, get off your jacket an hang it at the entry. If there is no other possibility then make sure that when you are at home that day, you hang it out so it can get some fresh air .

4. Last and not least, go and get a jacket brush for cleaning pills. These kind of detail is definitely not hot at all!

Do you have more tipps? Then write a comment below!

Thank you NetworkPR for giving me this great shooting opportunity ❤️ here you see my lovely Model Chris Fraas by Lichtwerk-photography !


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