How glasses can change the look

Glasses. Aren’t they marvelous and hard to choose at the same time?

Not only the form and colour is decisive when buying but also: is this the one that truly fits my face proportions?

So here are some tips from my side:

1. If you want to look dominant take a plain, square formed glasses with no reflection and just black.

2. If you want to experiment something new then take a good look at the colour . Is this the one that fits your hair colour? Eye and skin colour too? Have a look in the mirror ! Darker skin looks better combined with bright colors and viceversa.

3. This also applies to the form of the face. If you have a rather squarish form the pick an oval form for your glasses and of course if your face is oval pick a rather quadratic piece of glasses.

4. Thick or rather no frame? All a matter of taste I would say. The only way to find out is: put on a few and look in the mirror.

5. Still cannot decide? Ask the shopping assistant!

Still have questions? Than don’t hesitate to write a comment below.

Thanks to my lovely model Sheriff Kosic and my photographer Sven Richter for this lovely shot for my blog .


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