Cleaning mess

I would deny if I could but I can’t. It’s in my nature to be honest and it’s in my nature to be honest to you.

Dating a man always makes me first look at his shoes. I don’t know why I think shoes have something in common with the sexual ability of the person standing in front of me. Hell, I don’t even know how I would pass my own test.

So, talking about tests and how to get prepared for your date let’s keep it simple and just start with cleaning up your leather shoes.

1. Brush the dirt off the leather shoes in your bathroom or just over the paper bin. I hate separating trash as you can see. Make sure the brush is dry.

2. Rub a piece of material, or an old tshirt against the shoe to remove dirt or water.

3. Put some saddle soap on the material and rub it on the shoes. Now unless you want to look like a clown, don’t even think about using wax. Wax makes it so shiny that, that date is going to be history even before you got started. The only thing you want to shine is her smile. Next morning. In your bed.

Therefore #keepitsimple!

Thanks to @lichtwerk for the shot for my article . Killian, my model is wearing Geox brogued monks here.


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