ATF Clothing 

Since 2012, ATF the Nuernberger company creates collections for the modern dandy.

These clothes are like a declaration of pure love to a new mix of business and casual wear. The pants you can see in this picture, I would have probably not been shooting a half of year ago. Too short. Not classic enough. And I would never tell Miguel who is a real Italian model to put them on. Just being afraid of insulting him. But like life most of the time plays, I fell in love with the garment and the cut. Then I thought I might just take them with me but never let them appear in the front of the camera.

And finally I am obsessed! Mighel just bought two pairs! After our shooting and I am so thankful I finally started to think outside the box.

Because magic always happens when you get out of your comfort zone.

ATF- authentic textile fabrics

Shot with Cora Neumüller and Mighel Miccoli.


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