Watch this!

The whole world of watches is possessed by Switzerland, which shows the most peculiar models on the market and the most filigrane finger tips work on earth. Every year, in January or March, the industry presents its latest models at the SIHH trade fair, which also is decisive for the development of the market price . 

The problem is, it is really hard to pick a watch that suits the style you wear at the office and in the meantime that also fits after work or at a date. 

Let me set one thing clear: it’s not about the price tag that makes a watch look good , but the attitude you wear it and the way it looks like! 

Leather belts for watches look great if they are in same colour with your leather trousers’ belt and shoe colour. Most of the time, leather feels better on skin because of its smoothness and malleable texture. At the beginning it might seem stiffed or rigid but in time, it will form its shape to your wrist and make you feel like it’s just has been bespoke to your body.

The watchbands made of stainless steel are for the kind of guys who like this kind of material. It’s hard, cold (but gets sometimes hot in the sun, that’s why I am not a big fan of it) and looks good with every kind of belt or shoes. Only if the silver details match to the silver details of the belt.

There is one thing you should take care of: the watch should not be as huge as your wallet. Just looks ridiculous if you don’t have the muscles of Dwayne the Rock Johnson. So stay to the classy side. Stay plain. 
I hope I could give you an insight in this matter. For any questions drop me a message. 

Thanks to Livhtwerk Photography and Chris Fraas for the shooting for this article . We had a blast!


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