The attitude

What does it matter if you look like a dapper model when you don’t act like one?

Well this is somethink I barely have to admit I cannot influence that much. All I can say is that you should start socializing if you haven’t until now, get a healthy mindset and a good condition.

Whats up with a great suit if you are not proud of your body? Get some attitude by getting to like yourself.  New Year’s resolution perhaps?

Get a new haircut, get your week-end with less alcohol and more fitness. Get a clear mind and start to be the person you would like to get to know yourself. Take care of your skin and nails. Get yourself an attitude and read the right magazines to stay up to date in oder to keep an interesting conversation. Politics, culture, fashion, Events, Sports or whatever. Just stay tune and get your ass out of that bed.

Last but not least here some interesting personalities of the Fashion world you should get to know behind the labels.

Stay dapper, stay successful, stay hungry!

Thanks Tomo and Coraneumueller Photography for this shot.


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