How to tie a tie

With the roots in the frech culture, the necktie also known as ‘cravate’ was worn in 1646 as a sense of the unity of the upper nobility . But not only the french have the common sense of belonging together nowadays but also all the dapper gentlemen in the modern business world wear it as symbol of strong academic cohesion.

Since I know how it feels to wake up in the morning and dress up for work, I also know that when you’re in a rush you should definitely tie your tie in a four in hand knot. Why ? Because it’s simple! Here the instructions for you:

The second know that is definitely life surviving to know is the Windsor knot, which is looking better if you have a large collar and a long slim face. Here the Info for you:


And don’t forget: style is a way to say who you are without having to speak!


One thought on “How to tie a tie

  1. This is so useful. I’m often ask myself what to wear when because it’s a always a thin line between being over dressed or being not dressed properly at all.

    Many thanks for the tie guidelines. It helped a lot.


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