Skincare Special

I know clothes are a wonderful way to make a first good impression.

You and your appearance are the reason why you got that job. The reason why your girlfriend choose to talk in the first place with you when you asked her out for the first time. Your inner values show up later. But first your face.

The reason why I write this is because it’s a hell of job to tell someone face to face, like I do since I am a fashion consultant – that skin care comes first right after workout. Why after working out? Because if you do sports, you will see your skin will get better and better.

Not all cremes are the right one for you, and not all types of skin need skincare like you do. I found a lovely Canadian Company called MenCave I would love you guys to have a try. I just want you to leave a comment and your opinion to this topic.

The winner will be named in this article on Saturday this week.

Good Luck!


Thank you Tomo Beljo for trying the first product and Cora Neumueller Photography for the shot for my Blog!


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