Super Slim Shirt by ETERNA

The non Iron and Strech material from ETERNA, made my eyes go big when my Model Ferdinand was doing the fitting.

IMG_3887-2.jpgSince he is about 1,92m tall, I was slightly panicked because of his long arms and let’s say special upper body size which is actually tall and very slim. That, although was no longer a problem, because the shirt was just perfect. Eterna sent me the one and other shirt and after I skeptically looked at it – and trust me women can do that quite well – I was so amazed and surprised I just had to have them all! Ferdinand was so in love with the white shirt he wanted to keep it. Then he saw the tie – he wanted to keep it. I was just so happy to see models falling in love for products I personally recommend as a woman.


The quality of this material combined with amazing craftsmanship and a sustainable such as responsible production, blown me away.


Super Slim is the fit that is perfect shirt for any occasion, good to wear with or without a jacket. Here you can see the classic gentleman looks I choose for Ferdinand which also you can wear in any situation.


Thank you Ferdinand Kirmeier for shooting with us and to ETERNA for this great cooperation!





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