FELIX W. suits

The first time I came into the store of FELIX W. at famous Odeonsplatz Munich a huge quote caught my attention. It said: ‘Style and identity are a powerful combination’.

While walking through the store the quote never left my mind – realising the suits are from such a outstanding quality I just felt the urge to touch every single one of them. 

The service at FELIX W. stores is very professional and completely targeted towards a quick shopping experience, just like every business man needs it – come in, find your suit, mix and match and if you need anything shortened or ironed or whatsoever just leave it there – extra services are inhouse and waiting to be explored.

The experience of perfectly dressed, is lived up to by every detail as there are not only suits available, but also the whole world of head to toe accessories you may need to walk out fully dressed in style.

Suits, shirts, ties, bowties, socks, shoes, cufflinks …italian fabrics from family grown companies like Ing. Loro Piana or F.Lli Cerruti, that show not only the quality matters in this shop, but also the long lasting friendship between manufacturer and retailer.


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