Healthy egocentrism

‘Egocentrism is not a way to care about others –it is a way to care about yourself first.’ Paulus Bolten   Clothing is not just a cultural aspect, it is a part of the own personality. It’s the way of showing who you are without having to talk.   Have you ever heard a man, […]

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Skincare Special

I know clothes are a wonderful way to make a first good impression. You and your appearance are the reason why you got that job. The reason why your girlfriend choose to talk in the first place with you when you asked her out for the first time. Your inner values show up later. But […]

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How to tie a tie

With the roots in the frech culture, the necktie also known as ‘cravate’ was worn in 1646 as a sense of the unity of the upper nobility . But not only the french have the common sense of belonging together nowadays but also all the dapper gentlemen in the modern business world wear it as […]

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66•30- win the prize

I am so happy to tell I have found an amazing product from France I would like you guys to have! I already tried men care myself and this is one of the most yummy ones yet! And I want you to share the link for all who want to win them too. The winner […]

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The attitude

What does it matter if you look like a dapper model when you don’t act like one? Well this is somethink I barely have to admit I cannot influence that much. All I can say is that you should start socializing if you haven’t until now, get a healthy mindset and a good condition. Whats […]

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Outfit winner

Thank you for your support ETERNA and sponsoring this lovely shirt, tie and Kufflinks ! I proudly congratulate Andi C.R. Who will be announced via email about this win! Have a lovely day everyone!

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