ATF Clothing 

Since 2012, ATF the Nuernberger company creates collections for the modern dandy. These clothes are like a declaration of pure love to a new mix of business and casual wear. The pants you can see in this picture, I would have probably not been shooting a half of year ago. Too short. Not classic enough. […]

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Plain or patterns?

What is looking better? What do you thinks looks good on you? Shirts for very tall men, slim or just pretty good in shape look even better if they approach different designs and patterns. The beauty of a sample looks even better in this case. Of course you should not wear also patterns for the […]

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Metal watch straps came to stay

Accessoires for men are hard to combine and not look feminine. Especially golden tones like the one in the picture. But as soon as you fit it on the wrist, you realize it is a part of the whole outfit and not just an armcandy. Metal watch bands fit all wrist sizes and include removable […]

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