Serapian Luxury Bags

The young Armenian boy Stefano Serapian started in Milano just after his arrival, to learn everything about leather and how to produce high quality products. His very first leather goods were the reason why he met his wife and opened his first shop. Stars like Ingrid Bergmann, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn or […]

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Cleaning mess

I would deny if I could but I can’t. It’s in my nature to be honest and it’s in my nature to be honest to you. Dating a man always makes me first look at his shoes. I don’t know why I think shoes have something in common with the sexual ability of the person […]

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Why bags?

Moreover 68% of the men think bags look feminine and prefer to hide all sorts of items in the pockets of the clothes. Hiding items in your pocket trousers let you look like a perv. Hiding items in your jacket breast pocket makes you look like you’re having boobs. And now tell me, what looks […]

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Hat, scarf, gloves, briefcase, belt…so many details and really less time to think. Two important things: you want to look classic? Stay with black and brown. Salvatore Ferragamo for classic black: If you are not at an official meeting go with cheerfull colours which go with your outfit. Since I gave you a few tipps […]

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