Spring Summer coolness

Spring Summer coolness article in German below Staying cool in spring or summer and still look dapper is a hard thing to manage. Here some ideas to keep it fresh: Lining matters Invest in a summer suit and look for one that’s either half-lined or unlined in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen […]

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Super Slim Shirt by ETERNA

The non Iron and Strech material from ETERNA, made my eyes go big when my Model Ferdinand was doing the fitting. Since he is about 1,92m tall, I was slightly panicked because of his long arms and let’s say special upper body size which is actually tall and very slim. That, although was no longer […]

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How to tie a tie

With the roots in the frech culture, the necktie also known as ‘cravate’ was worn in 1646 as a sense of the unity of the upper nobility . But not only the french have the common sense of belonging together nowadays but also all the dapper gentlemen in the modern business world wear it as […]

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The attitude

What does it matter if you look like a dapper model when you don’t act like one? Well this is somethink I barely have to admit I cannot influence that much. All I can say is that you should start socializing if you haven’t until now, get a healthy mindset and a good condition. Whats […]

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Watch this!

The whole world of watches is possessed by Switzerland, which shows the most peculiar models on the market and the most filigrane finger tips work on earth. Every year, in January or March, the industry presents its latest models at the SIHH trade fair, which also is decisive for the development of the market price […]

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ATF Clothing 

Since 2012, ATF the Nuernberger company creates collections for the modern dandy. These clothes are like a declaration of pure love to a new mix of business and casual wear. The pants you can see in this picture, I would have probably not been shooting a half of year ago. Too short. Not classic enough. […]

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