Spring Summer coolness

Spring Summer coolness article in German below Staying cool in spring or summer and still look dapper is a hard thing to manage. Here some ideas to keep it fresh: Lining matters Invest in a summer suit and look for one that’s either half-lined or unlined in a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen […]

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Broken suiting

You might have been hearing about it, the most used words in the last few weeks by fashion conaisseurs. For all who do not know what this trend means: it is the combination of a jacket and pants that do not belong to the same suit. Also the shoes or the shirt just does not […]

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Plain or patterns?

What is looking better? What do you thinks looks good on you? Shirts for very tall men, slim or just pretty good in shape look even better if they approach different designs and patterns. The beauty of a sample looks even better in this case. Of course you should not wear also patterns for the […]

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Cleaning mess

I would deny if I could but I can’t. It’s in my nature to be honest and it’s in my nature to be honest to you. Dating a man always makes me first look at his shoes. I don’t know why I think shoes have something in common with the sexual ability of the person […]

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Loafers life hacks 

Loafers are in summer a permanent do! But what about the thing no one wants to talk about ? Exactly! Smelly feet and how to avoid it: 1. Wash feet with antibacterial soaps 2. When going sockless do a pedicure before! 3. Use a cotton insole and wash it regularly 4. Use feet powder 5. […]

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Jackets and cleaning

Jackets are mostly made of sensitive material and a professional cleaning is not always needed. As you might know, washing clothes too many times destroys the texture on long term. Therefore here some life hacks: 1. If you are ready to drive to work in your car take off your jacket and put in on […]

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Hat, scarf, gloves, briefcase, belt…so many details and really less time to think. Two important things: you want to look classic? Stay with black and brown. Salvatore Ferragamo for classic black: If you are not at an official meeting go with cheerfull colours which go with your outfit. Since I gave you a few tipps […]

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